Cloudwick One Powers Bimodal IT and the Digital Enterprise

Cloudwick is the leading provider of bimodal services and solutions for the Global 1000. Cloudwick One, our portfolio of leading bimodal services and solutions, provides the enterprise with rapid business modernization that creates new revenue and reduces cost of business.

Digital Business Advantage

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Powering Digital Business

Cloudwick doesn’t just talk Digital Business – we are Digital Business for the Global 1000. Cloudwick works with the entire enterprise to develop and execute Bimodal IT using Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark analytics. Our enterprise engagements span months to years, ranging from Use Case-to-POC, Pilot-to-Production and ongoing Managed Services.

Transforming the Modern Enterprise

Enterprises today need open source and cloud modernization to gain competitive advantage in a data-driven world. Cloudwick works with leading enterprises to enhance, extend and migrate traditional “Mode 1” platforms, processes and applications to “Mode 2” open source and cloud platforms. Working with Cloudwick, enterprises transform their traditional data management, data warehouses and business intelligence systems using open source and cloud to gain competitive advantage from modern business intelligence, advanced analytics, customer insight, cybersecurity, IoT and more.

Cloudwick One – Bimodal Transformation for the Modern Digital Enterprise

Bimodal Digital Modernization


Cloudwick One provides enterprises with bimodal digital products including Internet of Things (IoT), Supply Chain and Customer 360. Cloudwick has the expertise and experience to successfully build, operate and manage Mode 2 applications like IoT so digital businesses can add new revenue streams, enhance customer service, improve inventory processes, and more. For enhanced scalability, availability, reliability, cost savings, elasticity and performance for time and sensor-based processing for IoT projects, Cloudwick manages migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Read the Cloudwick One IoT case study here.


Cloudwick One digital analytics enable enterprises to accelerate success by removing the complexity of engineering and integration of Spark on Hadoop, Cassandra and cloud platforms. Cloudwick One provides bimodal enterprises with migration, fine-tuning, indexing, and optimizing of data, as well as Spark implementation, delivering insight on spending, demographic, interest, geographic and clickstream, resulting in significant benefits to operations, marketing, customer satisfaction and more.

Read the Cloudwick One analytics case study here.


Enterprises choose their cloud solution withCloudwick One, whether public – Amazon Web Services or Azure – or private – Cisco Metapod. As an Advanced AWS Consulting and Azure Certified Partner, Cloudwick One enables Global 1000 enterprises to quickly benefit from the power of the cloud through extensive expertise and experience delivering successful results and accelerating time to savings and value.

Read the Cloudwick One Azure cloud case study here and read the Cloudwick One cloud AWS case study here.


Cloudwick One bimodal digital business includes such solutions as supply chain, customer 360, catalogs and more. These digital business solutions enhance productivity and business efficiency, improve operations and customer service, and add new revenue streams to today’s digital enterprise. They are key to bimodal IT. Cloudwick can provide these solutions and manage remotely, training IT staff to take on management and administration after a certain period of time.

Read the Cloudwick One digital business case study here.


Cloudwick One delivers  bimodal digital devops based on open source and cloud solutions of the client’s choice, protecting them from vendor lock-in. Certified by the leading open source, cloud and hardware vendors, Cloudwick has hundreds of thousands of hours of experience architecting, engineering and scaling production bimodal digital enterprises and more Global 1000 Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark managed solutions clients than any other managed solutions provider.

Read the Cloudwick One devops case study here.


Cloudwick Data Analytics Platform (CDAP) leverages Apache Spot (formerly Open Network Insight), an open source solution announced by Intel and optimized for Cloudera EDH, to analyze billions of events at big data scale and speed in order to detect unknown and insider threats and gain a new level of visibility into the network. It accelerates the ability for enterprises to expose suspicious connections and previously unseen attacks using flow and packet analysis, and breaches are identified within hours rather than weeks.

Read the CDAP data sheet here.

Your Partner for Bimodal Digital Business

Cloudwick is certified by the leading open source, cloud and hardware vendors and has thousands of hours of experience architecting, developing engineering and scaling digital business solutions at hundreds of Global 1000 enterprises. Unlike other providers, Cloudwick offers comprehensive services, from Use Case to POC, Pilot to Production and beyond using your choice of open source software and platform, increasing your enterprise flexibility, agility and competitive advantage.

Cloudwick One – Transform your Enterprise with Bimodal IT 

Only Cloudwick One protects the enterprise from platform and open source vendor lock-in, delivering bimodal IT digital products, analytics, cloud, devops, advanced analytics and cybersecurity for enterprise agility, flexibility and competitive advantage.

Our Use Cases

Cloudwick is the leading provider of bimodal digital business services and solutions. Our expert data scientists, administrators, and engineers have built, operated and managed over 100 digital business production clusters.

Cloudwick One offers enterprises services and solutions designed to drive bimodal IT and leverage Mode 1 (focused on stability, predictability, accuracy) and Mode 2 (emphasizing speed, performance, agility) for competitive advantage, new revenue streams and enhanced performance.

Cloudwick & IHS

Watch the IHS interview (case study)

Use cases include:

  • Cloud
  • BI Modernization
  • Analytics
  • Search Performance Enhancement

Retail E-Commerce

Hadoop and Spark on AWS

Challenge: An American multinational Fortune 100 seller of apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories needed to migrating its on-premises databases to Hadoop in the cloud, and also needed Spark for predictive analytics.

Solution:Cloudwick planned and engineered a large Cloudera EDW migration from the client’s data center to AWS to leverage the cloud for cost savings, agility and flexibility. This resulted in higher performance for the company’s e-commerce site and modern BI analytics using Hadoop and Spark.

Benefits: The company can new real-time predictive analytics for delivering improved inventory management, customer experience, marketing effectiveness and more.

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Advertising Analytics

Turn – Digital Hub

Challenge: With the largest ad-tech Hadoop cluster in the world, Turn needed expert help upgrading its Hadoop distribution from one major release to another to ensure the transition went smoothly. The organization also needed additional assistance managing and operating the cluster at scale.

Solution: Cloudwick provided professional and managed services, sending in Hadoop expert resources, conducting the upgrade and providing quality assurance to ensure the cluster was performance tuned and running smoothly.

Benefits: By working with Cloudwick, Turn had dedicated big data experts to support the Hadoop distribution upgrade for one of the biggest clusters in the world. Cloudwick leveraged its enterprise production experience at scale to meet Turn’s high availability business requirements.

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Online Auction

Catalog Modernization

Challenge: A Fortune 1000 online automobile auction company needed help building a next-generation, Cassandra-based online catalog, but it lacked internal expertise in this open source technology.

Solution: Cloudwick, a DataStax Gold Partner, provided the experience and expertise to get the company from POC to production quickly and effectively. With DataStax DSE successfully implemented, the company now has much faster database query and update performance.

Benefits: With its online catalog performance improvements, the company enjoys enhanced efficiency, increased business and more satisfied auto dealer customers.

Click here to read or below to download PDF.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Connected Sports and Health

Challenge: A Fortune 100 multinational corporation that designs and markets footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories needed to transform its health and sports Internet service business into a big data platform. It also needed to move to the cloud.

Solution: DataStax Cassandra was the right database choice and AWS the right cloud solution. DataStax brought in Cloudwick to help build, operate and manage its global Internet of Things (IoT) sports and health network platform.

Benefits: Cloudwick completed the big data project in just 6 months and trained the internal team to seamlessly take over management and monitoring. Cloudwick optimized the performance SLA to exceed business requirements.

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Global e-Health – Orion Health

Pilot to Production on AWS

Challenge: Orion Health, a global e-Health software company, needed Cassandra expertise to accelerate its pilot-to-production project, California’s largest health information exchange (HIE) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) powered by DataStax DSE.

: The company brought in Cloudwick for its exceptional experience and deep expertise with DataStax DSE as well as AWS.

Cloudwick brought Orion Health’s HIE project back on schedule and on budget, bringing it from POC to production, stabilizing performance, and implementing best practices.

Click here to read or below to download PDF.

Online Catalog Modernization

Pilot to Production in 120 Days

Challenge: A leading provider and publisher of business insight, analytics and expertise required pilot-to-production, cloud migration, and search improvement services for its parts catalog offering.

Solution: DataStax, an Azure Big Data ISV Partner, turned to Cloudwick. The first project was the catalyst for moving more than 300 online enterprise catalogs to Azure.

Benefit: Cloudwick got the company to production in 3 months and helped improve catalog search accuracy and performance results from 15 seconds to under 100 ms (7500% improvement), making it the preferred database for the multi-billion dollar global analytics-as-a-service business. Cloudwick also helped move the catalog to Azure.

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Wireless Carrier

Mobile Advertising – First-Mover Advantage

Challenge:A leading broadband and telecommunications company, one of the largest wireless carriers in the U.S., needed to establish a digital marketing Hadoop cluster to collect subscriber click-through and location data to improve targeted advertising for its partners and its own internal marketing team.

: In order to move to production quickly, the company turned to Cloudwick, the leading Big Data-as-a-Service provider to the Global 1000, to help with this highly differentiated offering.

  Cloudwick accelerated Pilot-to-Production development for the carrier. The carrier and its advertisers now have improved audience reach on mobile devices through demographic, interest and geographic targeting, a first-mover advantage in the market. Finally, brands can deliver more impactful advertising and increase ROI on mobile.

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