Powering the Modern Enterprise

Cloudwick is the leading provider of open source, cloud and advanced analytics for the modern enterprise enabling global companies to enter new markets, create new revenue and lower capex and opex. We offer the most extensive portfolio of modern data warehouse, business intelligence, cybersecurity, and advanced analytics services and solutions.


Bimodal Business Transformation

Enterprises today need bimodal IT services and solutions to create better value from data and technology. While Mode 1 is focused on stability, predictability and accuracy, Mode 2 emphasizes speed, performance and agility. Cloudwick offers services and solutions designed to drive bimodal IT for competitive advantage, new revenue and market acquisition.

Cloudwick One

Cloudwick One® is the leading portfolio of bimodal open source services and solutions for modern customer insights, advanced business intelligence, IT analytics, cybersecurity and IoT powered by commercial Hadoop, Cassandra, Kakfa, Elastic, Spark and more on leading private and public clouds.



Cloudwick One® Open Source Adaptive Security (OSAS) uses big data analytics to provide actionable insights into operational and security threats for cloud and data center cyber security at scale. OSAS is the first cyber security solution to be able to analyze billions of events per day providing complete cloud and data center perimeter defense.


“Cloudwick [..] has more than 100 open source projects under its belt, and an exemplary commitment to a 90-day training program for its internal resources.” ~ 451 Research Report, “Cloudwick is the One to watch for modern digital-business services” Download


Cloudwick One® Open Source Adaptive Security leverages ONI, an open source solution announced by Intel and optimized for Cloudera EDH, to enable the enterprise to analyze billions of events at big data scale and speed, resulting in threat detection in hours rather than weeks. Data Sheet


Cloudwick is a proud recipient of the Cloudera Data Impact Award and a Cloudera Silver Partner.

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